FREDERICK AUGUSTUS BENNETT was the first bishop of Aotearoa (New Zealand). A scholar and a gifted musician, he devoted his life's work to bridging a meaningful connection between the Maori and the British, trying to forge a cultural bond in the rubble of colonial wars.

Today, New Zealand arguably has one of the strongest relationships between it's indigenous and it's settlers, (or, the "Pakeha") of any country that has ever withstood colonialism.

Our Story

AUGUSTUS is a boutique premium wine company based amongst the revered vines of Gibbston Valley, Central Otago. Our goal is likewise to create something from two things previously considered unimaginably disparate. Old world and new world wines are more than different leagues - they are different cultures, traditions and schools of thought. Such a vast polarity often prevents anyone from looking at them side by side, when in reality they share a fundamental principle - bottling something that you want to share.

All of our wines are the product of a fusion of old-world and new-world winemaking techniques. The objective of our efforts is to make exceptional wines within a traditional viticultural and oenological framework whilst using innovative, sustainable winemaking techniques to elicit the natural quality of our fruit. We think we've succeeded and we hope you agree.

All of our grapes are grown in Central Otago, and all of our wines are made on the idyllic slopes of Gibbston Valley.